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Branded KeepCups

Design Your Own Unbranded KeepCup

This selector shows stock holdings of available colour for volume orders.
For specific requests please contact your Account Manager.

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7. Branding
Applying artwork or your brand to the KeepCup band is a great way to promote your sustainability message. We encourage you to carefully consider the artwork you place on the band and make it something people would be inspired to carry.

The minimum order quantity is 250 KeepCups, which can be spread across the three larger sizes (S,M,L). We know that colour is an important feature of the KeepCup for individual users, so we encourage you to use a number of different coloured components to lend your KeepCups vibrancy and individual flair.

The brand space is 19 x 50 mm. The artwork is screen printed so artwork must be solid colour without tones or gradient colour. Please supply artwork as vector graphics in ai or eps format.

The limited palette above is what we can provide in stock within a six week delivery time frame. We can pantone match the band in quantities over 1000, and the components; cup, lid and plug, in quantities over 5000. You can also inquire with your Account Manager about using of the seasonal palette shown on the "design my KeepCup" page, dependent on volume and time frame.

There can be slight variation in screen representation of colour, so where colour is critical we urge you to check against samples or pantone numbers.

The best reusable is the one you use.