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KeepCup News - 2013

Coffee Kids Project 2014

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 by KeepCup / 0 Comments

Coffee Kids works with families in coffee farming communities of Latin America. We have supported Coffee Kids over the years over a number of initiatives but for 2014 our team wanted to achieve a milestone goal.

So we are supporting Strengthening Family Food Security Project, run in conjunction with our partner the Coordinating Association of Rural Woman of La Paz (COMUCAP), this project will improve the food security of more than 60 families in Honduras by establishing family vegetable gardens and providing training and support for women marketing their surplus. We want our assistance to Coffee Kids to be a way of shining a light and saying thanks for the reuse efforts of our customers.

What about a 10 ounce KeepCup?

Posted on 12 Oct 2013 by KeepCup / 0 Comments

KeepCups now come in five sizes - 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz, we call them XS, SiX, S, M and L.  Part of our pitch is that we replicate internal volumes to ensure your coffee is neither too strong, nor too weak.  

We have just launched the SiX a 6oz version of the KeepCup - a stronger version of the 8oz that more accurately reflects the internal volumes of inhouse vessels - Duralex glasses or ceramic cups.  

No sooner have we done this than we are getting requests for  10oz, a stronger version of a 12oz coffee.  We are trying to create less cups not more - is there another solution?

Understanding sizes and volumes is complicated by the fact that fluid ounces can be US or Imperial and therefore convert differently to millilitres.  


Being from the an old colony, we chose an Imperial conversion for KeepCups (plus we were big Star Wars fans so we knew better than to confront the Imperial forces). The volume is less, resulting in a stronger coffee - so we think its a good result.

The images below demonstrate the differences. Here I must confess that, whilst in sporting teams I might be chosen early in the selection, I am not the go-to girl for precision, so apologies in advance if there are any errors. Andhings became slightly more complex when a young assistant came to lend a hand:

We created the KeepCups with 'ullage'.  The word comes from the practice of not filling wine barrels beyond the stopper hole, and in our instance refers to a deliberate gap between the beverage and the top of the cup.  There is an ullage marker in all KeepCups.  

You can see that as far as Imperial ounces go, our measurements are accurate and meet our prescribed fill line:

The good news is that for coffee makers taking an Imperial conversion, if you fill the 8oz KeepCup to the brim (which baristas often do), you get a 10oz coffee:

It's a little more ambiguous for the US fluid ounces.  At this point, I get to use one of the only words I remember from science at school, meniscus, referring to the convex or concave curve on the surface of a liquid when totally filled, because that's what happens when you fill 10oz of US millage in an 8oz small KeepCup.

Not so great a result with the 8oz I got from my local cafe Two Bob (thanks Spock).  My, what an impressive meniscus!

A comparison of US conversion with an 8oz disposable cup :


The conclusion?

KeepCups are awesome.  They are a workable, fun and sustainable alternative to the disposable cup.  If you want a 10oz, fill a small keepCup to the brim, if you want an 8oz fill to the line marked.

Reuse or refrain.  Salute the Reuser!

It's a kind of Magic

Posted on 24 Sep 2013 by KeepCup / 0 Comments

The specialty coffee legends of this world have been doing their job well. Many of us have developed our palate and our appetites are changing - a stronger brew, a little less milk.

In response we bring you KeepCup SiX (6oz).

Enhancing our enjoyment of great coffee. 

Same beautiful design. Same kaleidoscope of colour. 

Even lighter and easier to carry.

It’s a kind of magic.*

* Props to Mark Dundon and Freddie Mercury.

The Shakedown

Posted on 28 Jun 2013 by KeepCup / 0 Comments

hOur philosophy here at KeepCup has always been to keep things positive.  There is nothing more disengaging than an insurmountable problem.

Earlier this year our friends at Thick Digital conducted some focus groups on our behalf.  They spoke to KeepCup fans and the results were surprising.  Whilst our customers thought KeepCup was sustainable and better for the environment, they could not say why - and these were our biggest fans!

It made us realise we needed to do more work around raising issue awareness and telling stories that are as repeatable as they are true.

Here is the first of a number of communication pieces that compares the environmental effects of disposable cups with the KeepCup - putting them head to head.  Check it out and tell people what you discover:


The Wash up

Posted on 30 May 2013 by KeepCup / 1 Comment

At the WBC last week over four days we washed over 6000 reusable cups.  It was a pretty good effort but short of our expectations, and certainly a tiny number compared to the disposable cups binned over the course of the event.

We raised $600 for Coffee Kids and Five Senses generously matched our donation with the reusables we washed from their stand, raising $250.  That's about the cost to a cafe of those 6000 dispoable cups, but its also enough money to give six children a secondary school education in Central America - a pretty compelling trade.

The Five Senses stand represented over a third of the reusables they washed.  They will tell you it was because their stand and their coffee is so awesome.  We will tell you that our wash stations helped because drinking from a reusable cup, forces people to congregate around your stand creating atmosphere and drawing a crowd.

However the point we want to make is that Five Senses was one of at least 37 exhibitors sampling coffee and beverages at the event.  If we use them as a best case scenario and say the average stand sampled 1500 beverages in disposable cups - that's over 55,000 disposable cups that were discarded to landfill in just four days.

We are hoping to implement the wash stations at specialty coffee events all over the world.  We would love your support to do so, so let us know what we can do to Salute the Reuser.