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The Wash up

Posted on 30 May 2013 by KeepCup / 1 comment

At the WBC last week over four days we washed over 6000 reusable cups.  It was a pretty good effort but short of our expectations, and certainly a tiny number compared to the disposable cups binned over the course of the event.

We raised $600 for Coffee Kids and Five Senses generously matched our donation with the reusables we washed from their stand, raising $250.  That's about the cost to a cafe of those 6000 dispoable cups, but its also enough money to give six children a secondary school education in Central America - a pretty compelling trade.

The Five Senses stand represented over a third of the reusables they washed.  They will tell you it was because their stand and their coffee is so awesome.  We will tell you that our wash stations helped because drinking from a reusable cup, forces people to congregate around your stand creating atmosphere and drawing a crowd.

However the point we want to make is that Five Senses was one of at least 37 exhibitors sampling coffee and beverages at the event.  If we use them as a best case scenario and say the average stand sampled 1500 beverages in disposable cups - that's over 55,000 disposable cups that were discarded to landfill in just four days.

We are hoping to implement the wash stations at specialty coffee events all over the world.  We would love your support to do so, so let us know what we can do to Salute the Reuser.

1 Comment

Thanks, Keepcup, for involving Coffee Kids in such an amazing endeavour. We love that you involved us in this VERY important 'wash up' and hope to be involved in your future ones as well.

Sustainability full circle! Thanks for being part of our coffee community, and keep up the good work!
-- Elisa from Coffee Kids
Elisa Kelly at 7:38pm, 13 Jun 2013

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