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Posts tagged 'recycling'

  • Towards zero waste at KeepCup HQ

    Since 2017, over 85% of KeepCup’s office and warehouse waste has been sent to be recycled or composted. Our sights are set on that last 15%, focusing on reduction and reuse, with recycling the last resort. 

    4 min(s) read
  • Why recycling won’t save us from overconsumption

    Recycling allows us to feel good while continuing to consume at breakneck speed. The call grows more urgent to shift away from hyper consumption and linear, take-make-waste thinking to a circular economy that prioritises reduction, reuse and repair, and where recycling is the last option. 

    4 min(s) read
  • How we lowered our packaging footprint

    Since the very beginning, we’ve partnered with our local manufacturers and designers to ensure all packaging in our supply chain protects the product, is modular, uses minimal material, can be reused for packing customer orders and is recyclable at end of life. 

    4 min(s) read
  • Is plastic really that bad?

    It’s not the material that’s the problem, it’s how we use it. This is a problem of plastic waste, not plastic as a material.

    4 min(s) read
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